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dimanche 26 août 2012



You still love me?

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dimanche 24 juin 2012

Vintage Backyard

Hey ho, hey ho!

I got my IPHONE! Yeah, yeah, yeah! So as you can imagine the first thing I did (after dowloading all my music, my pictures and videos,) was... Downloading TONS of apps! So I found this cute app named : Retro camera. Can I be more happy? I have an iPhone, and an app that takes wonderful VINTAGE pictures! So here is some (Yeah, my backyard is goddamn cool!)



Sans titre 4


Now, may someone explain to me WHY, but WHY does canalblog always take off some of the awesome quality I give to my photos?

I'm definetly pissed!

Anyways, on a happier tone, SCHOOL IS FINISHED! And I'm leaving for Algeria in THREE days! Yay, yay, yay!




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samedi 16 juin 2012

Graduation Day

High School is finished... I only got four exams left and then... SUMMER! 

Today was... Graduation Day. Oh dear lord, I was... it was... just a big medley of emotions! Joy, sadness, everything. Ah! I want High school to end but in the same time, I don't wanna leave my friends. We're all going into different CEGEP. Anyways, here is a bunch of new photos! 















Anyways, I'm kinda tired, so have a nice day people.



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dimanche 10 juin 2012


9:50 PM Yesterday;

My mum had an accident with the car she fell into a ditch. Luckily, my mum and my sister are okay, the car had no dammage exept a lot of mud! My dad helped them to get out of the car and they called CAA to get the car out the ditch. They came back home only at like 10:30 PM since my mum was too tired to cook (who wouldn't be?) we all went to a cute restaurant and then, we all went downtown to eat an ice-cream. I only had my phone with me and here are the photos.


Lights Off

Anyways, I have to study for my test for tomorrow.



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vendredi 8 juin 2012

Dreaming of fun

Tuesday, we went to the amusement park and do you know anywhere better to take pictures? (Well I do, but amusement park is on top of the chart)

Roller Coaster

Oh baby


My favourite model!


Here is my sweet little Cynshi!

Anyways, I'm happy! I got my phone back, there is two weeks left to school, which means two weeks before the end of high school, which means two weeks left before Algeria, wich means a month and a half before my birthday! Oh my god! I'm turning 17!

Anyways, have a good week-end!



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mercredi 30 mai 2012

Mustache&Nail Polish

Yeeah, I know, I said I won't post this week but y'know, I really don't wanna work on my maths!


Thanks to my little Cynshi for letting me take a picture of her wonderful nails.

It all started in the french class, she said she saw cute mustache nail and I took a sharpie and draw mustache on her left hand!


Anyways, I kinda have a HUGE math test tomorrow and y'know I kinda have to study... a little bit.



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lundi 28 mai 2012

Stop... in the name of homeworks!

Sans titre 2

Ya know, school really sucks! I DON'T WANNA HAVE ANY HOMEWORKS! I usually just don't do them, but this time, I'm stuck with two text to write and they count for my final note! Ugggh!



But! Hey, I'm a super hero! Even school won't stop me in my passion of photos!

Muahahaha! I'm a god damn super hero! 

(Directioner know the lyrics!)

Anyways, so, I don't think I'll post much this week, so, have a good week people!



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vendredi 25 mai 2012

Hands ART

Y'know, when the teachers gets boring? (Which is like every time^^) Well there is one thing I do... I draw on my hands :D


Just some random shapes.


Here is another symptom of my One Direction Infection... Let us die or live forever....


No, this is not at school (there is no Irish flag in my class). It's indeed in my room. It was like 12:05 AM and I couldn't sleep...




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mercredi 23 mai 2012


Beauty is in the inside            But you can wear some makeup on the outside... ;)


Yeah, I love 1D, but GOD! They never-ever had to wake up with a zombie face no? Do they know how much it sucks to have puffy eyes? Dark rings? NO! We do! 

By the way, here, I am NOT saying we should wear to much makeup. Just enough to make us look fresh:)


Who said school bus wasn't a great place to take pictures? This pictures is one of my favourites. It was for an art project (I only got 73% Yeah! The teacher hates me.) Don't know why, but the girl hates her eyebrows... I actually LOVE them. I love the natural look!



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mardi 22 mai 2012

Love, beach, school & One Direction


Nothing's more important than love


Is there anything more beautiful than the beach?


Back to school after four awesome days -.- SCHOOL, Y U EXIST?


I love you. Three words that can make a miracle.


Yes! I have the One Direction Infection. Apparently, kissing Harry is the only way out... Doctor Styles, where are you?




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